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January often sees a spike in divorce filings

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | High Asset Divorce |

Many Colorado couples who are considering a divorce do not do so based on a single incident. It is a wide range of issues that finally come to a head and spark the final determination that the marriage is unsalvageable and it would be better for everyone if they part ways. However, timing frequently plays a critical role in when a couple says that it is enough.

For many, January is when people finally make the leap and move forward with a divorce. There are many factors in this decision and its timing. Having legal assistance is integral to ensuring it is the right time and checking all the boxes based on the law. Part of the spike in January divorces is due to tension from the holiday season. This can go on for months from Thanksgiving through the new year and bring long-simmering issues to the forefront.

Those who are angry or dissatisfied in their marriage can see those feelings exacerbated over the holidays and, once the holidays are over, they will determine that moving on is for the best. It is not just tension that serves as the catalyst. Having fun during the holidays might gloss over the marital problems. Once the holidays end, so does the positive outlook.

Whenever a person or a couple chooses to end a marriage, there are factors that must be navigated. Division of marital property, children, support and much more are all keys to any case. Because there are statistical trends that indicate January is a time when people will divorce does not automatically imply that the aftermath will be easier, regardless of when the divorce filing is made.

Having legal assistance to go through the process is essential whether it is an amicable divorce, a contentious one, or anywhere in between. A law firm that specializes in dissolution of marriage should be contacted for assistance when that decision is made. Advice and guidance is available and is vital to a successful outcome, independent of the circumstances and its timing.