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Common mistakes made during the divorce process

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | High Asset Divorce |

When Colorado couples decide to end their marriage, it is not a choice they take lightly. The litany of issues that sparked the marriage coming undone will have reached a point where they can no longer ignore them and hope they get better. While some marriages are rife with dispute and others are more agreeable, there are certain factors that can be exceedingly costly during the process. When getting a divorce, it makes sense to recognize these mistakes that others have made and take steps to avoid them.

It is natural for people to seek ways to vent about their situation. One common place where this happens is social media. Often, people will say negative things about a spouse during the divorce process. If, for example, there are financial concerns, going into detail about spending on various items with people on social media will likely be spotted by the other spouse and their legal representative and can be used as evidence in the case. Other circumstances include a simple failure to adhere to the basics like providing the necessary paperwork. Documentation of accounts, earnings, ownership papers and receipts should be saved and organized.

Taxes might be the last thing on a person’s mind as a divorce is in progress, however the value of properties, investments and accounts can be impacted by taxes. Certain retirement accounts have different values than others and there are tax implications for an early withdrawal. A divorce could require an early withdrawal and result in an unexpected expense.

During a marriage, most people will have joint credit accounts. These are generally the responsibility of one of the spouses with the other having access and the ability to spend. In a contentious divorce, a spouse might decide to use the card as a method of causing pain to the other party. Even if that is not the case, the spouse who is responsible for it will need to pay and companies are not beholden to any divorce proceeding. Although many divorces are difficult, it does not necessarily need to be so. Even if there are continuing issues, it might be better to be agreeable and negotiate the various issues to keep the peace and save money by avoiding a long, drawn out trial.

Regardless of the circumstances, people who are ending their marriage should remember the fundamental need for legal assistance. A law firm that has a history and experience in assisting people with many types of divorce proceedings can help with asset division, handling marital property and all areas of the dissolution of marriage. Calling for advice and help is the key.